Friday, February 26, 2016

Fuck Buddy - Scott Hildreth

Rating: 5 Stars
Published: February 16, 2016
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary, Romance
I bought this book, because when Scott Hildreth pushes publish, I hit buy. It also comes with a free complimentary ebook.

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Luke and Liv have been best friends since childhood, and after seven years of failed internet 'relationships', Liv turns to Luke one night after 6 glasses of wine and suggests...

"Let's be fuck buddies"

Liv is cute, strong, and has been in love with Luke since kindergarten. Luke is a free spirit who doesn't conform to society or its belief system. Luke's only problem? Luke has a kink. In his opinion, he likes 'weird sex'. 

Liv agrees to the weird sex, and Luke agrees to the fuck buddy relationship. BUT. They both agree, they must remain friends regardless. 

"We're friends. It has to stay that way. No matter what."

Fuck Buddy is more than meets the eye, it isn't just a book with a hot guy on a cover, or just a controversial title that Amazon refused to back down on, it's also a heck of a lot more than smut, this book has depth, not that Scott's books never have depth, but this one is a mental challenge. There's always something about Scott's books that make me think, sometimes I connect and sometimes I don't, and in this case it was like knowing the characters in real life. I reach for books with friends to lovers story lines all the time, they're personal favorites, but this one is different. It brings to question how sex changes what was a safe place for two people and the feelings that come from that connection. For being friends for so long, there are still things between the two main characters, Liv and Luke, that are secrets. They're young, they're naive in relationships and sexually, and they're testing a friendship that means more to them than either will admit. They're the kind of characters that seem to work like clockwork, I don't question how they came to be or how they work, they just do. There's chemistry between them that can be felt by a reader, even when they're avoiding it. There's no doubt their sexual desires are not what other's consider normal, there's an element of BDSM between them that is new to Liv and still needs exploring by Luke, but they work out a balance between them and they find more than satisfaction with one another. The problem is the why's and the how's; they come together under pretense of fuck buddies and come apart at the seams when feelings evolve and personal secrets unfold. It was refreshing, let's just be honest. The relationship wasn't easy, the secrets are heavy, there's intense self discovery, and reading this wasn't convenient, but it sucked me in 100% and I couldn't put it down, not even for the bar I was in.

“What are you not willing to give up? You said you could lose surfing and the ocean and live through it. But what would crush you?”
“What would crush me if I lost it? That’s an easy one,” he responded. He tilted his head toward me. “You. I can’t imagine not having you. Cant, and wont.”

Fuck Buddy is real, I probably know a Luke and Liv in my life, and while it's heavy with emotions, it's the good kind. Mixed in with the occasional misplaced word and grammatical errors is more than just erotica, there's a unique story of love, sensuality, self discovery, and acceptance. I am never one for letting spelling and grammar slide, but even they couldn't take the enjoyment away from me with this one. It will speak to you on many levels, you may look at your own life and have questions when you finish, but you will be better for it.

P.S. Can I have a friend like Chloe in my life? Girl is a firecracker and her appearances brought some serious laughter and even more serious insight.

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