Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Buzzwords

Have you ever sat and thought about what words in a review make you want to buy a book? I hadn't until today and it was both easier/harder than I expected it to be. You see, I have a lot of auto-buy authors where I could care less about reviews, but then I have lists I'm making all year long of highly-anticipated novels. I read friend's reviews, other blogger's reviews, and finally I just skim how many stars it is wracking up. However, there are definitely some words, written by some very trustworthy bloggers, that I listen to ALWAYS. Thanks to Lainey, of GingerReadsLainey, the weekly Top 5 Wednesday list this week is for buzz words!  If you're interested in joining in on future T5W's, check out the Goodreads group!

Top 5 Buzzwords 

1. Heart-wrenching
If you've got a book that's ripped your heart into tiny pieces, sign me up. I actually recently read quite a few books that were described this way! I love the tears, I like that part of my heart that is missing when I finish the last page, and I definitely like book hangovers.
Bright Side - Kim Holden, Kaleidoscope Hearts -Claire Contreras

2. Major Motion Picture (Television Show)
Just make it one word, will ya? Seriously, if the book's rights have been optioned, sign me up. Divergent, Hunger Games, Shadowhunters, PLL, and The Maze Runner are just a handful of books where I loved the movies/show.

3. Captivating
This is a lot like the word magical, if one of my fellow blogger friends says they are captivated by a book that I think sounds interesting I will buy it based on that word alone. 

4. Love
Not just character love, or relationship love, but "in love" with a book. Yep, I will auto-buy if I see a review that says that. Some of my favorite books, see Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn, were things I jumped onto the bandwagon for after a friend/reviewer said they were in love. Guess what, now I'm in love too!

5. Book Hangover
It might as well be one word with how often I use it. I love a good book that leaves me feeling like a Sunday morning after a night out partying. That I can't move, I want to eat junk food, take a long bath kind of feeling. Whether it's a book that tore my heart out or the best HEA ever, I love a good book hangover. Sometimes it's just because of one character and other times it's the whole story together. In most cases I find book hangovers happen after I finish a great series, the kind where I started  believing the characters were my real friends. My fellow reviewers know this feeling well and thank goodness they use it as often as I do or I would never have new books to read and obsess over!

What are some of your buy-now buzzwords?

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  1. Ou, I didn't think of "Major Motion Picture" as one of my buzzwords that's a good one! I always tend to buy those.

    The Buzzwords on my Blog.


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