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Thief of Lies - Brenda Drake (Library Jumpers #1)

With a beautiful cover, engaging synopsis, and unique ideas the Library Jumpers series first novel, Thief of Lies, has been on my wishlist since I first heard of it several months ago. The idea of being to jump into the world's libraries had me convinced I needed to read this book, even though I've had fantasy novels sworn off for several years. You see, I love witches, vampires, and magical beings, but there's a lot of books out there and I kind of already read all my favorites. However, the buzz around this book convinced me I had to read it and I was not disappointed. I already want to see this book on the big screen, I have actors picked out, and I want the world I imagined in my head to be right in front of my eyes. It's a magical story, the fantasy is everything I could ever hope for, and the idea is completely unique. I actually put reading this book ahead of other priorities and I am so impressed with how good it was. If you've read it, please write a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts too.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: January 2016
I purchased this novel, my review is my honest opinion.

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Library Jumpers. Just take a minute and let the title of the series just grow in your imagination. I would be all over this if I could jump libraries in real life, even if it means learning to wield a sword. This first novel, Thief of Lies, will either grab you or will miss the mark for you, but it's a standout novel nonetheless. With amazing writing, details, and a unique plot I can only see good things in the future for this series. Gia, the main heroine, is a bit too awkward for her own good, she's judgemental and overly smart, but she's also the 16 year old child of two sentinels. She's actually part of a world she could never have dreamed of, the magical stuff your mother weaves into stories at night time. Sentinels are the magical knights that protect the human world from the mysikal world and Gia isn't just one of them, she the most important. I was completely enamored with the story line of human girl turned magical knight, I certainly didn't predict her being a knight, but I really enjoyed her training, her growing strength, and reading from her POV as she discovers the world she could never have imagined. Plus, her smarts are what bring this book to life, I couldn't picture anyone else from this book just knowing the right Italian words that could lead to destruction or savior for the mystikal and human world.

Hello world building! Brenda Drake probably does the best job at creating a new world slowly, but beautifully in any book I've read in a long time. The reader isn't just dumped into this magical world, it's given to you in bits and pieces and grows to include not only library jumping and demonic hounds, but faeries, sprytes, laniers, sentinals, wizards, and more. There are beautiful havens, libraries aplenty, and some wonderful secondary characters. The fantasy elements are just amazing and it really made me love reading fantasy novels again, I've been in a big slump.

There are  some differences when you look at the synopsis versus the actual book. Gia isn't quite as badass as she's made out to be, she doesn't know how to handle boys, let alone fight them, but she definitely learns. There's also no fling, though I really wanted one! Can I just have Bastien to myself? Unfortunately, the romantic side of this first novel really takes away from the overall story line, it felt like an addition to an already successful book. I'm not against romance for the characters, but it needed true development and I think could easily weave into future novels in the series. There was a lot introduced in this first novel, which is a given in a new fantasy series, but it's hard to take on all the new and cope with the ever-changing mind of 16 year-old Gia. There is also so much going on that some characters fall flat; I almost couldn't picture Gia at first, because she's underwhelming. However, I found myself loving all the characters, really enjoying the action, and completely enthralled by the library jumper's world.

I am definitely excited to see what comes next in the sequel, I can only hope for more action and meeting more unique characters. The story is unique, the magic is interesting, and there's beautiful libraries! Here's hoping the sort of love triangle plays out with more depth and feels like an actual part of the characters and their growth.

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