Thursday, January 28, 2016

Something New and a review of Dirty Ugly Toy - K. Webster

My dear readers, you are being spoiled this week with reviews. I am just in the mood to read! Hopefully you're enjoying everything I am throwing at you, because I am about to change things up a bit. I have started a second blog, because I read and review a lot of books on the side that don't exactly fit this blogs mold. I've added this new blog, Carlene Corrupted, to the links and I invite you to check it out if you are 18+ and enjoy books with the darker side of romance. Just like this blog, I will share book reviews, book tours, quotes, images, and more.

Dirty Ugly Toy - K. Webster
Rating: 5 Stars
Published: January 18, 2016
Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Dark, Romance, Suspense

Braxton is done with number 19, he's said goodbye to that toy, and now it's time to find number 20 and she has to be special. His toys aren't the ones you're thinking of though, no, he finds these toys in London back alleys, high on drugs, willing to do anything for their next hit. When he sees her strawberry blonde hair, he knows she's next. For 6 months, Bunny will be his toy to play with, to break, to ruin.

Bunny will do anything to score her next high, anything to take away the pain of her past and the memories than haunt her. When offered a pile of money to submit to Braxton Kennedy, Bunny can't say no, but she doesn't even know what she's getting into. She's difficult, she's different, and she's going to play every game Braxton plays. That is, until the game becomes so much more and Braxton finds himself enjoying Jessica, the woman he once only wanted as Bunny, his toy.

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