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Encore Worthy - R.C. Martin (Mountains & Men 0.5)

When the opportunity came along to read Encore Worthy I said yes right away, but I definitely wasn't expecting what I got. Encore Worthy is the novella that begins the new Mountains & Men series, a spin off of the Made for Love series. While I loved the sweetness in So Much More (review here), I more than loved the steam in Encore Worthy. The chemistry and smut in this book will make you blush and totally want it for yourself.

Rating: 5 Stars
Published: January 28, 2016
I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

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One night for Millie isn't enough nights in Sage's opinion, especially when the lyrics to a new song just come to life by looking at her. Her haunted eyes don't scare him away and he's going to convince her to give him a shot, even though she's known best for pushing everyone away.

 "I see the demons in her eyes and I know we'll dance..."

After reading, and loving, So Much More, the book where we first see Millie and Sage meet, I was super excited to hear they were getting their own book. The main characters, Millie and Sage, are not the kind of characters you would put together. In fact, Millie wasn't a character I really wanted to get to know at all, but Sage was. Millie is a tough one to understand and connect with, she's got a past we don't know about and a tough outer shell that locks everyone out. While we saw her come out a bit in So Much More, Encore Worthy allowed us a closer look into who she really is and it made me want to know more about her. Then there's Sage, he's hot, nerdy, arrogant, covered in tattoos, and knows how to sing. I mean really sing, even in bed. While his initial reaction to Millie is that of a man wanting to get laid, it becomes so much more as she transforms into his muse and then into something more. He's a total sweetheart and landed himself immediately in my book boyfriend list. While this novella moves quickly, it introduces you to all the characters you need to know in this series and lets you know right away this series, and this specific relationship, will be of the steamy variety.

 "My feet, my arms, my lips—they all conspire against me and in one step, my body is in reaching distance of his; in one second, my arms are circled around his neck; in one breath, my mouth is pressed against his—and before I can make sense of what in the hell I’m doing, he’s crushing me against him as his tongue invades my mouth in the most delicious way" 

 The best part of this novella is that now we know we're going to get another book that focuses on Millie and Sage, because there is absolutely so much more to know about them. They're both multi-dimensional characters with pasts we don't understand yet and while Millie is happy without love, Sage always has a big plan for everything. They're total opposites and yet you'll be swooning right alongside Millie when Sage is there for her when she needs him to be. I love the rockstar portion of this book, as well as the friendships we are introduced to. I'm looking forward to a lot more from the men of Mountains & Men. You don't have to read any of the novels in the previous series in order to read Encore Worthy, but I highly suggest you do. While this is definitely a sexier book from R.C. Martin, her writing is excellent and the characters really come to life.

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