Monday, December 14, 2015

One Lovely Blog Nomination

Hi everyone! If you've been a blogger or blog follower for a while, you've probably seen the One Lovely Blog award travelling around. It's an award that asks for each nominated blogger to nominate 15 other blogs, which not only allows us as bloggers to appreciate others, but also share our favorite blogs with you. I know I've followed the award around several times and found some amazing blogs out there, so I am looking forward to sharing my 7 facts and my 15 nominations with you! I was nominated by the lovely Genni from Ready, Set, Read! She has an engaging blog and is one those bloggers that really cares, so I highly suggest you check her out.

The Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.  
- List the rules display the word button.  
- Give seven facts about yourself!  
- Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award and make sure to notify them!  
- Display the award button on your blog and follow the blogger that nominated you.  

Seven Facts
1. I am a Disnerd, 100%. I have a season pass that allows me to go to Disneyland 365 days of the year and I have absolutely spent major holidays in the park. New Years is my favorite. I have a disney shoe/heels Christmas tree, a Mickey Mouse wreath, and more Minnie ears than I should share. Disney just makes me happy, the movies always have a great lesson to them, and the drawings or outfits on the live characters are amazing. 

2. I watch reality TV all the time. My favorites are from MTV; both The Challenge and The Real World are over the top, funny, and have the best challenges for the participants. I can't help but laugh when a girl sticks her face in a pile of fish guts for some reason. Plus, the love triangles that seem to happen are so entertaining. I also watch Survivor, all the music and dance competitions, and some of the more ridiculous shows like The Real Housewives.

3. I am a rule follower. Driving rules, school rules, work rules, I just can't help but follow rules and I get really frustrated when people don't.

4. If you don't follow me on other social media sites, you don't know this one yet, but I have a Stormtrooper tattoo. That's right, I am a huge Star Wars fan. Many thanks to my dad for that.

5. Outside of the blog, I call my significant other The Beard, here I call him T. He has a ridiculous beard that catches attention everywhere we go, but I love him for it. So if you ever see me calling myself The Blonde, it's because our joint nicknames are The Blonde and The Beard.

6. My favorite childhood book is Corduroy. I give it as a gift to every friends when they have their first child.

7. I follow a pile of lifestyle and style blogs, I love getting home and fashion inspiration from other bloggers and finding a cheaper way to do it myself. I like to try all the hair styles, the mixed pattern outfits, and even the recipes they suggest. If you have any you suggest, let me know!

Below are my 15 nominations, if you don't want to share it on your blog it's totally okay. I think it's just a fun way to share other blogs, find more for myself, and just appreciate the general awesomeness of fellow bloggers.

  1. Splash Into Books
  2. The Book Vixen (Goodreads only)
  3. Book Him Danno
  4. Genuine Jenn
  5. Only True Magic
  6. Cornerfolds
  7. Nicoleta (Goodreads only)
  8. Crazies R Us Book Blog
  9. Tipsy Writer
  10. Hello Chick Lit
  11. In Tori Lex
  12. Reading with Wrin
  13. PopKitty Book Reviews
  14. Its a bookish thing (one beautiful book instagram)
  15. My Fictional World (Another beautiful instagram)

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  1. Thanks for such the kind words Carlene! :)

    Oh my gosh! SEason passes for Disneyland all year long?! That sounds amazing! If you're into reality TV (especially from MTV) you should watch Are You the One. It's kind of over the top, but in a great guilty pleasure read.


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