Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Release Day Blitz: Love is an Action - Bry Foster

Love Is An Action
Bry Foster
Publication date: November 17th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Khloe Hudson is all out of everything.
All out of patience for her alcoholic father. All out of money from her summer job savings. All out of scholarship essay ideas. And all out of room in her heart for people who don’t care to see her for who she really is.
But even she has to admit that the French jerk attending her academy is starting to worm his way in just a bit.
Cash Castille couldn’t care less about what Khloe thinks she knows. None of her advanced classes have taught her that love isn’t something that can be measured or figured out using scientific methods. Actions often speak louder than words. And although he gets a rise out of driving her crazy, he can’t help but wonder when her brain will stop arguing with what their hearts already know.
When Cash drops a bomb and asks for the favor of a lifetime, Khloe reluctantly agrees because despite the terms, she needs the benefits of their arrangement. However, as Cash and Khloe navigate through their new found relationship, she can’t help but wonder if the cost of this ploy will be another expense she can’t afford to give. Her heart.

“…Every inch of your skin is like a perfect brush stroke on a painting no man could create. The honey flecks in your eyes like little pieces of caramel in a sea of chocolate. The curves of your body…” His fingers gently trace my body. “And, of course, the more carnal things. The way you smell, the way you taste…When I tell you I love you, it’s because I mean it, unconditionally…because love is a verb to me, Khloe.”

Author Bio:
My name is Bry. I was born in San Diego, CA but raised in central TX. After years of writing poems and short stories and making my family read them, the characters in my head have finally matured--mostly-- and demanded to be heard. I enjoy all things paranormal and believe sarcasm is a second language that I have mastered. I adore flawed female characters that aren't afraid to speak their mind (even to the point of driving other characters mad). I am an Army wife and the mother of a four year old little boy who demands that I call him Iron Man or Donny (Ninja Turtles) on any given day.

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