Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rikki - Abigail Strom (Hart University #1)

Sometimes I just want to go to back to college and relive all the experiences, today is no different. I woke up thinking about study with my friends and how we used to buy tons of Starbucks, turn the music up, and turn on all our computers to study together. We got a lot done, we were great students, but we also had a lot of fun. Rikki made me think of those times even more and I laughed a lot during this book. I really enjoyed this one and I especially enjoyed thinking about to college.

Rating: 4 Stars
Released: September 2015
Many thanks to Netgalley and Abigail Strom for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review. 
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Rikki and Sam have been at odds since junior high, fighting for the valedictorian position. They may have had one moment during a game of seven minutes in heaven, but now they hate each other. Except, Rikki doesn't really hate anyone and when they end up at college together, their hatred slowly changes. From enemies they grow into friends, friends that help each other out when they need it. From late night talks to posing for Sam's art project, Rikki slowly finds her feelings becoming a bit confusing. She goes for the jock she's had her eyes on and tried being anyone but herself, but in the end, their arguments may be more than just arguments. 

 This book definitely makes its mark in the NA genre. The characters are freshman at college, probably the coolest college I've ever heard of, and they are a mixed bag. They're nerdy, artistic, athletic, and all a little bit strange. I really enjoyed Rikki as a character, she reminded me a lot of my friends, and so did the many other characters. The setting was realistic and so were the characters. I enjoyed reading her inner turmoil and the conversations she have with Sam just show you how nerdy they are. While it is hard to keep up with their confusing push and pull relationship, I rooted for them from start to finish. The feelings this book gave me reminded me of my high school and first years at college, trying to figure it out on my own, leaning on friends for support, and being an adult just a bit too early. There is the natural teenage awkwardness, something I think a lot of authors leave out, but Strom did so well. The emotions are overwhelming, described with great detail and as a reader, I felt like I was sitting right in the dorm room with Rikki and Sam. I loved reading this book, at times seeing the characters shatter apart, and how Strom put it all together. It's an easy read, with a good mix of growth, fun, and smut scenes. I highly recommend this one, particularly to readers coming out of high school and those in college. I feel like this book has a great message that it is okay to be yourself, even if you're 18 and a virgin or if you doubting the risk of a random roommate or if you've never taken the chance on the boy you loved forever. It's a perfect story for all those feelings and many more.

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