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The Way We Fall - Cassia Leo

Best while read with a delicious craft beer and a lot of time after to deal with your book hangover.

I did something a little crazy after I read The Way We Fall, I sat on my couch, purchased the next two books in the series and read them over a period of 5 hours in-between sleep and work. I read three books in two days, all because Cassia Leo wrote this epic love story, the The Story of Us trilogy. Plus, there's craft beer, awesome movie tie ins, and a super dedicated gay best friend. If Netgalley was a real person, I'd be hugging them for allowing me to read it. Instead, I'm going to write this review of book one, The Way We Fall, and link to my reviews for The Way We Break and The Way We Fall at Goodreads.

5 Stars
Published: February 2015
Many thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Rory has been broken up with her first love for five years. She's graduated from college, works in a retail job, has an apartment, owns a beautiful dog, and she's writing a book. It isn't just any book though, it's the book of her life when she had Houston, her best friend's older brother. Except Houston is suddenly there in person, he's at her job, he's at her apartment door, and he's finding ways to wiggle into her heart. Houston has moved on, he's married, owns a successful business, and is holding onto a truth he's finding he needs to share. Houston has to choose between the life he's built up or the life he let go. Rory and Houston can't ignore what is happening, they have to face it, but there is a chance they won't be able to make it through it together. The past could be too much, a mountain between their great love.

This is the second chance story that couples yearn for when they know they've made a mistake breaking up. It's the opportunity to try again, to put the past behind you and accept the love that is there, but we all know it doesn't always work that way. I was drawn to Rory and Houston right away; they're raw, realistic, and they're so similar to my boyfriend and I that I laughed out loud at some of the moments I shouldn't have, because I've heard the words out loud before. Rory is a tortured soul, it's like she never dealt with the sadness of her past, not about Houston and certainly not about Hallie, Houston's little sister. I appreciated that Rory was so realistic, so in love with Houston that his presence in her life causes a chain reaction. I particularly loved the way that Cassia  Leo wound the twist in the story so eloquently that I never once saw it coming. The characters are incredibly well-written, with detailed descriptions, pasts, and emotions that play off one another. The secondary characters bring history to the relationship, allowing us to see into the relationship from an outside perspective. They also have the funniest comments, the most useful advice, and the best shoulders to lean on when Houston and Rory need it. The witty dialogue reads like you're watching an improvised play rather than a book. It's just too good; The Way We Fall sucks you in, toys with your emotions, and then ends with a cliffhanger you just won't see coming.

I admit, I am too in love with this book to give much effort to write about some of parts I didn't like. It is a bit hard to keep up with where in the past and present the characters are in, not only are the POV's changing, but the date does too. I had to go back and forth between chapters while I got used to it, but the transitions get more comfortable as it goes. I will admit that this is a book that has cheating, suicide, and a love affair that pushed some serious boundaries. This is not normally something I would like about a book, but the way Cassia Leo approaches it is done very well. While I didn't rate down for it, I think it's worth noting for others considering reading the series that might have serious problems with it. There is some serious insta-love, Rory is immature with relationships, but as you read she matures and I can confirm that as you continue reading the series the character growth is massive for every character, even the most minor.

If you have ever wondered what a New Adult novel is, I want you to read this book. It has all the parts I love about a young adult novel, a coming of age novel, and an adult romance rolled in one. There's talk of college, becoming a grown up, insufferable parents, curse words, immature moments, and tastefully sexy sex scenes. Cassia Leo has blown my mind with The Way We Fall and the relationship of Rory and Houston is one I'd love to see in the big screen.

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