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Ryan Revisited - Sam Davis - A review and some personal throwback photos

4 Stars
Published: June 2015
Copy provided courtesy of Netgalley and Smashwords Productions in exchange for an honest review.

Ryan doesn't know who she is anymore, she may never have known. Is she Manny's Girl, the Southern Belle her father wants her to be, or a laid back Montana girl? Ryan is determined to find out, to follow the footsteps her father wanted her to, but still be who she thinks she is. Manny and Ryan stayed friends after their breakup and moved to South U despite the awkwardness. Ryan didn't plan on Manny getting a life without her or for herself to get caught up in all that is Greek life. Through drama, tears, fights, good moments, and bad, Ryan finally figures out who she is and what she wants to be.

I could relate to Ryan is so many ways, not only am I a Sorority girl, but freshman year is hard when you just aren't sure who you are, who you want to be, and torn by what everyone else wants you to be. She's emotional, sometimes a little slow on the uptake, and apparently very bewitching to all the men. I enjoyed reading about Ryan, I think she finds herself slowly over time, sometimes sure of herself and sometimes not so much. I think Sam Davis did an excellent job of describing a year in college life for a young woman and did an even better job at allowing the reader to get to know even the most minor of characters. I really felt for Geoffrey, Tyler, Savannah, Goodie, Morgan, and even Callydee as I read Ryan Revisted, I pictured a lot of my personal friends. I was definitely surprised by some of the twists and turns, which kept me hanging on through the very end.

Unfortunately, this book moved very slowly for me, sometimes dragging on with scenes where I felt Ryan should've had a light bulb go on. She broke down a lot, was more confused by her feelings than anyone I've ever met, and had a hard time letting go. I couldn't understand how every man seemed to fall for her upon first look, which kept me from picturing Ryan perfectly in my head. However, I think the men of Ryan Revisited really seemed to bring out the story best, helping Ryan along to finding herself even if they didn't realize it.

I think Ryan Revisited is an excellent debut novel, one that I think can appeal to the masses, especially those that are fans of New Adult novels.

Below the jump, get a glimpse into my personal college experience.

Just for fun, here are some throwback pictures of my sisters and I from my college days as a Gamma Phi! Ryan Revisited really got me to think about 4 years of college and the girls I call my best friends and sisters to this day.

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