Monday, August 24, 2015

Read and Review: Goodreads - Week of 8/17

Last week, and over the weekend, I completed a few Read and Review books for the groups I am in on Goodreads. I enjoy reading authors who are self publishing and brave enough to let a bunch of strangers review their work. The majority of the groups I am in on Goodreads send copies to reviewers prior to release for sale and some before they've even been through their final edit. I stick to New Adult, Young Adult, Dystopian, and Romance for Read and Review books. I thought it would be fun to allow my readers here to take a look at some of the other books I read for fun. I'll include my summary from my review, as well as a link to my review. Let me know if you pick a copy of any of these when released! I love having friends to discuss books with.

Fahrenheit - Alex Rosa
4 stars

"Lauren Michaels has been tasked with the impossible. At 26, she's the innocent best friend of a player and the Editor-in-Cheif at Frenzy, a risque Women's magazine. She wants more out her career, but her boss and friend doesn't believe her conservative ways will make her the best journalist. Her task is simple for anyone not this innocent, find out about the underground sex culture and sex clubs in Los Angeles. She's been hit by a stroke of luck however and meets Nathan Sanders just as she's begun her research. He wants something out of her and luckily for him, she wants something from him, and so begins their agreement. Research turns into a little more and Lauren finds herself in the process."
My Review

I'll Sing for my Dinner - B.R. Kingsolver
4 stars

"Cecily is thin, she and her clothes have gone several days unwashed, and the guy who picked her up has dropped her off at a bar in a small town. So she offers to sing for her dinner if the owner, Jake, doesn't mind. Jake is a veteran with a tough guy exterior, but he feels for Cecily and can't help but offer more help for her after he hears her sing. One night of music from Cecily and Jake offers her a job, a place to stay, and along the way, parts of his heart. Cecily has a past though, one that is going to catch up to her and make everything a lot harder than it used to be. You see, Cecily isn't just a good singer, she's famous and her famous past is about to shake things up with her and Jake."
My Review

Breakaway - Vera Roberts
2 stars
This is a novella, not a novel as described.

"Dean Winchester is stuck in a hotel for three days after a snowstorm cancels all flights out of Chicago. Sydney Walker is in the same boat, without a hotel. Lucky for her, and hi, they run into each other in the hotel lobby and romance sparks."
My Review

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