Friday, August 21, 2015

Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince - Jennifer Moore

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
4 stars
Published April 2015

Meg Burton has traveled with her brother to attend the London Season in search of a husband. Her parents' are nearing financial ruin and a wealthy husband will secure their future. Meg is anything but a London lady however, she enjoys books, riding horses, adventures, and keeping up with the world periodicals. She finds herself bending to the will of the other ladies and gentlemen she is surrounded by and soon seeks distraction in the form of books. Lucky for her, her love of adventure finds her meeting Carlo, a stable hand of the Prince, who will do anything to make her time enjoyable. What Meg does know is that Carlo really is the Prince Rodrigo and true adventure awaits once she does.

Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince was such an enjoyable read as an innocent historical romance. It is told in alternating chapters from Meg and Rodrigo's perspective. The Spanish history really lends itself to the story and Meg's wit and American ways make her a great character. While the time frame of the novel is short, Moore gives extensive detail, a lot of adventure, and moments that make you both gasp and giggle. I really felt for the characters, even those that are minor, and I think that's what makes a book a good one. It didn't drag on and the romance, as well as the Spanish war story, really kept me hooked from start to finish.

The last chapter tied up everything so quickly that I felt I needed another chapter or two. I wanted to hear more about Rodrigo's adventure to rescue his family, their reaction to him finding love in an American woman, and the blossoming of their official romance as Price Rodrigo and Meg instead of Carlo and Meg.

I would recommend this book to almost all of my friends who enjoy historical romance and I think it could easily be enjoyed by girls in high school.

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