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Out of Time - Beth Flynn (Nine Minutes #2)

I added more information to this review on 7/30 after an initial release on 7/28.

Released: July 21, 2015
4 out of 5 Stars
Purchased on Amazon for Kindle
You can find my review on Nine Minutes here on my Goodreads account.

I gave this book 5 stars at first, then I sat back and thought about it and got pretty frustrated. Not only do I have a thousand more questions, but I felt I was reading from two different books part of the time. Out of Time will answer all your questions from Nine Minutes, at least it answered all of mine. It also left me with more questions and a lot of head scratching. However, I really enjoyed Beth Flynn's writing, the overall story, and I continue to really look forward to the final book in the trilogy.

We're moving from one character POV to three...I think three, maybe it was four, to be honest I am not sure and I only finished it two days ago. We're finally getting Grizz's background story, and Grunt's, and learning that everything we knew about Kit/Ginny and her past was untrue. I won't give away spoilers, but if you're reading this review I will assume you've read Nine Minutes. Grizz's past is told firsthand from prison and secondhand through Grunt's confessions to Kit. We see his childhood, how he found himself as a notorious, feared biker, and an agent to "them." We also begin to understand why Kit stayed and how as an adult 25 years later comes to recognize her story wasn't the way it should've been. She has children, a husband, and she's out of the biker lifestyle. But then there's a reporter who meddles and forces everyone to confront their secrets and boy were there some secrets that will throw you for a loop! The final cliffhanger is a good one, a damn good one. What the hell is gonna happen to the love triangle now!?

Beth Flynn provides you answers on all of Nine Minute's characters, even the most minor. I loved hearing how some of the minor character's lives turned out, their careers, their children, and getting the answers from them about the past secrets. I also love that we've been promised even more in book 3, coming in 2016. Grizz ended up charming me to no end, because his past hooks you end and you watch him grow up. He's bad for a reason, he's egotistical and handsome, but he's also got a soft side. The plot twists were awesome, though a bit overdone. I grew to hate Grunt and I think I still do, even if Kit/Ginny loves him. Flynn leaves little hints as she leads up to the big reveal and she does it in the best way possible, little sentences here and there as secrets are revealed.

I hated the largest plot twist. Hated it. I all of a sudden feel like I am reading a political thriller. I left me really terrified of what we'd see in book three, but I've seen confirmed with Flynn that it was a secondary plot to provide historical significance in Grizz's story. Thank goodness! That said, I think Flynn wrapped it up in a neat bow. I also hated that the love story I adored from Nine Minutes was a lot more sinister than I expected it to be, but then I accepted it and realized that this would be how a kidnapper mystery could really work. I took some convincing though.

All together, political thriller aside, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who liked Nine Minutes. I continue to think that Nine Minutes can be read as a standalone novel, but if you want the questions answered then read on to book two. I will definitely stick around for the final novel in the thriller and I look forward to seeing what happens.

It has now been four days since completing Out of Time and I have become one of those women, you know the type, obsessed with a fictional character. Why is it that I have a character love obsession with Grizz, what the heck? I didn't picture him as anything but scary, and now all I want to do is have him win the girl and get the good life. What are these feelings? Seriously, I have a saved photo on my phone of what I picture him to look like. My boyfriend loves this by the way, he think it is hysterical. Soon I will have to use .gifs to describe my feelings.

I not only jumped from reader and reviewer, to having a complete obsession, and thank goodness Beth Flynn welcomes that with open arms. I've joined a group with the rest of the Flynnatics and have been given an opportunity to not only interact with other fans, but with Beth herself. She's answered questions I had and didn't have, provided insight into book three, and really helped me with the bad feelings I had above. I won't give the book five stars still, for me it is a four, but it is an incredible four-star book and I continue to push it on every friend.

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