Wednesday, July 24, 2019

♡ The One With the Wedding Photos ♡

I know everyone wanted to see wedding photos as soon as we got them, but I didn't know what to say. How do you put into so few words what an entire day, and several months of planning, meant to you? The day goes by so quickly, especially when your schedule is a bit off and the rain is coming down. You blink and it's the end and you're at home with your friends eating taco bell and drinking really strong drinks courtesy of a friend. Then the wedding photos come in, before you've even managed to clean up the "war room" of boxes from the day of, and you spend the next few weeks just talking about the memories. You laugh at me being bold enough to read my vows out of a book titled F*ck Marriage, you literally fall off your chair at my brother taking a shot mid ceremony, you cry a little at Kevin's crying, you talk about how much everyone did, and everyone gives you the Twilight vibes compliment you've been waiting to hear. No really, tell me again how it looks like Twilight, I am LOVING IT (Kevin isn't). There's also the memories you forget, like what songs you danced to, if someone was even there, and how we all ended up hanging out in the kitchen instead of the reception hall. I'm still wondering and also...why did no one drink the red wine? Suddenly though, almost as fast as the blink of an eye, you're back at work, your evenings spent on the couch reading and watching TV just the same as always. There is a shift though, a subtle one, like when you say husband out loud, when you see his hand with his ring on it, when he yells at me for the 100th time to put my ring on, and that powerful realization that even though it's the same, that it's exactly what you wanted. It's just impossible to tell you how it all felt, what it all meant, and so without captions I give you this massive photo post of our very special day.

This day would not have been possible without the help of our incredible families, a handful of friends, and a set of amazing vendors that I highly recommend. 
Hair & MUA: Ashley Flores
Dress: Cocomelody
Second Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Jacket: Nordstrom with art by Natalie Morton Gates
Suit: Men's Warehouse
Rings: Adamas Diamonds with Solid Gold and Rustic & Main
Bouquet & Arbor Florals + Rentals: Make It Happen Events
 If you haven't seen our wedding teaser yet, you can find it here, by Penny and Maeve.

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