Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Coffee with Carlene: How did you meet? 🐝

If at any point in time you honestly thought I'd meet my personal deadline for these posts, you were very wrong. I'll just have to assume you've never been a bride. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. But I'll use this time right now to say I am not that bride; I am not timely, organized, or good at putting wedding planning before the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Did you see this week's episode?! See this post for a glimpse into my actual approach to the planning.

I am, however, finally that bride that is excited. I am that bride who has made all the signs, except one that I've just given up on, that has made 1,000 lists that are scattered across every room in our house, and that has purchased six lipstick colors that I somehow have to decide on my this Saturday. It's nearly here, y'all, so instead you're going to get a daily Coffee with Carlene, that I'm going to write entirely today 🤷. At this point I have to be cliche, sorry not sorry. I'm pairing this post with our engagement photos, you can read or you can just scroll for the gorgeous photos done by Linsey Middleton Photography. We already can't wait to see the magic she works for our wedding photos.

I promised our meet cute, except I am not sure by RomCom movie standards if internet dating is considered a meet cute. Two and a half years ago I was so against the idea of dating that the suggestion I get onto a social dating app was laughable. I lived in a small town, I knew everyone, I wasn't going to meet anyone new, I wasn't going to meet anyone not jaded, married, or truly available. I said them all and yet out of spite I still downloaded Bumble. That's right, the app that you can now use to also make friends, I got on there with some witty tagline like "If you're concerned about my height I'm probably taller than you," and started picking boys based off looks alone. I am not even going to pretend I gave this app any effort, especially once I started having guys pick me back and I realized I had to make the first move...meaning write the first message.
It wasn't until Kevin, who wrote me back just as awkwardly as I had written him, that I gave it any effort at all. We talked for about a month before we finally decided to meet. Our first official date in December 2016 found us talking for hours, the restaurant closing down around us. After that we texted daily and Kevin not-so-patiently worked to arrange a second date and then a third. I meanwhile did my usual wanderlust thing, attending festivals, hopping on flights, and booking future trips. I really must admit I was a hard lady to nail down and yet he didn't falter on his pursuit, his persistence is easily one of my favorite things about him. 

On January 27th we declared ourselves officially a couple, I accidentally met his parents a bit early on January 28th, and by February 14th we said I love you for the first time. Kevin said it first, in case you were wondering. We've gone at light speed ever since and I am so grateful to have an adventurous, patient man by my side as we decided to do the darn thing, meaning get married, just five months after Kevin proposed on Christmas Day 2018. We're just a few days away now, there's so much to be done, but if there is one thing I can count on, one thing I am so looking forward to, it is the endless, overflowing love we have for one another and our equal excitement to begin our lives as husband and wife. 

Photographer: Linsey Middleton Photography
Make-up: Me
Dress: Kohls

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