Monday, October 9, 2017


Many of my page followers have my page liked on Facebook or they follow me on Twitter or Instagram, but I know many of you don't and I know things haven't seemed normal. You see, last Sunday at 10:00 PM I was laying in the grass with my boyfriend watching Jason Aldean at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 10:05 PM we heard a sound that I recognized, but didn't believe. Moments later my boyfriend pulled me from the ground and we ran with everything we had in us from the gunfire. We made it out okay, our friends made it out okay, but so many didn't. Last Monday morning, around this time actually, we were making our way home, to a house we love, to our family, to our friends, to our lives, but these lives were no longer the same lives they used to be. While I am physically okay I have had to deal with anxiety and nightmares, many have dealt with more. It took me several days to finally get help to get Carlene Inspired updated and as of yesterday I finally picked up a book again. I am having a hard time relaxing, sitting in one place and allowing my imagination to run wild, but books used to be my favorite escape and I hope with time they will become that again. I am behind on all of my reading, but I am happy to direct you to fellow blogger's pages for reviews. I want to thank everyone for their patience, compassion, and understanding. This week updates will be regular again, but I wanted to leave you with a post I made on my personal Facebook page.
"At 10:05 we heard it, at 10:08 we called our parents from the parking lot as we made our way to safety. I don’t remember what time we got to our hotel. I don’t remember when it stopped, I don’t remember what time it was when all the friends we were with started checking in, and I don’t know what time it was when we finally felt comfortable moving from the floor to the beds of our hotel room. I remember being scared, I remember being thankful, I remember being so sad, I remember feeling complete disbelief...and none of that has changed.

I am scared of what is happening in our world. I am thankful for my life, for my friend’s lives, for every stranger’s life, for the lives of those that risked theirs to help all of us, for those who risk all to protect us daily. I am thankful we made it out so quickly and I am also so sad that we did and others didn’t. I’m sad that this is an experience, an emotion, that far too many of us have in common now. I’m sad for the families and friends that have lost someone forever, I’m sad for those that are injured physically, for those injured mentally, and for the entire world that continues to be hurt by violence. I am in disbelief that this continues to happen, but I also believe that love, strength, and courage can and will make a difference. I refuse to allow this to change my life in a negative way, because there is too much negativity in this world and we cannot let it win.

I will keep praying, I will keep doing what I physically can to make a difference, and I will keep believing in something better, something more. ❤️
I love you all, I love this life we’ve been given."
#vegasstrong #countrystrong

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  1. Love you! People like you are who we need in this world to make it brighter and better!


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